Jasper – Hairless – Male

Meet Jasper!

Jasper is a remarkable hairless Chinese Crested who not only captivates with his unique look but also enchants with his lively and loving personality. His deep, expressive eyes reveal a clever and playful spirit, earning him the nickname “Magic Man.”

Everyone who holds this guy adores him!

Jasper is in excellent health and is an exceptional family member. He is the perfect choice for those seeking a unique, hypoallergenic pet.

Chinese Crested puppies are known for their hypoallergenic qualities, making them ideal companions for families with allergies. These special puppies come in two varieties: hairless and powderpuff. Hairless Chinese Cresteds, like Jasper, are particularly unique and cherished for their distinct appearance. They are also excellent therapy dogs, known for their gentle and affectionate temperament.

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Price: 💲1500

About Us

Pinky’s Pups is a small, family-based Chinese Crested breeder located in Cleveland, OH, dedicated to placing puppies in forever homes. Our pups live, love, and sleep with us. We understand the joys and rewards of having a furry companion in the household, and we want to make that experience available to families and loved ones who need them!