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Willow – Powderpuff – Female

Introducing Willow, a gentle female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy. Willow’s silky coat and warm, inviting eyes promise the softest cuddles and a lifetime of memories. With a love for both playtime and quiet moments, Willow embodies the perfect mix of vivacity and tenderness. She’s smart, eager to please, and ideal for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic…
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Bella – Powderpuff – Female

Introducing Bella, a superbly soft female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy. Her coat is like silk, making her a delight to hold and pet. She’s quick to learn, eager to please and soooo cute! Everyone loves her! Bella is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic companion with minimal grooming needs. She will be small!…
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Sadie – Powderpuff – Female

Meet Sadie, a super healthy female Powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy born on February 28, 2024. With her soft, fluffy coat and engaging eyes, Sadie is a bundle of joy ready to charm her way into your heart and home. This little girl loves to play, cuddle, and explore the world with her keen sense of…
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Chinese Crested: Understanding Their Role as Support Animals

Discover the profound emotional support and healing benefits of Chinese Crested dogs. Learn how these unique companions serve as more than just pets, but as true emotional anchors.

The Chinese Crested: An Effective Therapy Dog

Introduction Therapy dogs are special canines trained to provide comfort, affection, and companionship to individuals who are ill, elderly, or suffering from mental health disorders. These dogs have a significant positive impact on the emotional and physical health of humans, reducing stress levels, promoting social interaction, and even aiding in the recovery process. The Chinese…
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Molly – Female – Hairless

Molly is an extraordinary pup, and her uniqueness is evident from the moment you meet her. This stunning female hairless Chinese Crested puppy possesses a captivating look that sets her apart from the rest. With her beautiful blue eyes, she effortlessly captures attention. Molly is not only a sight to behold but also a playful…
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Brax Chinese Crested Hairless

Braxton – Hairless – Male

Meet Braxton, a sweet and super affectionate male Chinese Crested Hairless. Braxton has a unique charm with his hairless coat and soft skin, ready to receive all the gentle cuddles and love you can offer. He has a friendly personality, easily getting along with other pets and family members. He is smart, attentive, and eager…
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Zorro– Male– Powderpuff

Here is Zorro…. the very striking Powderpuff Chinese Crested who’s impossible to ignore! With his eye-catching Zorro-inspired mask and endearing speckled nose, Marley never fails to steal the spotlight. His quick wit is evident as he effortlessly picks up new skills, simplifying the training process. Rest assured, Marley has received all his vaccinations and is…
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Apollo – Male – Powderpuff

Introducing “Apollo,” a stunning powderpuff Chinese Crested puppy, born on January 10, 2024, in Cleveland, OH. This super small bundle of fluff is everything you could wish for in a tiny companion, combining the elegance of a divine being with the convenience and joy of a pint-sized pet. Apollo is a marvel in the world…
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Beignet – Male – Hairless

Introducing “Beignet,” a hairless Chinese Crested puppy born on January 10, 2024, in Cleveland, OH. This male pup is a rare treasure with his brilliant blue eyes and an adorable small patch of white hair, making him as unique and delightful as the sweet treat he’s named after. Beignet’s exceptional looks are matched only by…
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Oslo – Male – Powderpuff

Introducing Oslo, the stunning Powderpuff puppy born on Aug 31st. With a magnetic presence and sharp intellect, Oslo stands out in any crowd. Anyone that pets him wants to take him home. He is perfect for individuals seeking a hypoallergenic and low-upkeep furry friend, Oslo promises to infuse love and fun into your world. Oslo:…
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Cashew – Female – Powderpuff

Introducing Cashew, the charming Powderpuff puppy born on Aug 31st. Her beauty and intelligence stand out, making training a joy. Ideal for those seeking a hypoallergenic and easy-care pet, Cashew is ready to bring love and joy to your home. Cashew: The Powderpuff Gem 🌟 Cashew has found a loving home! Please contact us to…
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