Cashew – Female – Powderpuff

Introducing Cashew, the charming Powderpuff puppy born on Aug 31st. Her beauty and intelligence stand out, making training a joy. Ideal for those seeking a hypoallergenic and easy-care pet, Cashew is ready to bring love and joy to your home.

Cashew: The Powderpuff Gem 🌟

  • Unique Beauty: Fluffy coat showcasing her markings. 🎭
  • Quick Learner: Swift and responsive in training. 🧠
  • Healthy: Updated on all vaccinations. 💉
  • Hypoallergenic & Low-Maintenance: Perfect for easy care and allergy-friendly homes. 🌿

Cashew has found a loving home! Please contact us to learn about other pups similar to her!